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150mm TV Antenna

Omnidirectional 2023 Latest Omni Directional Indoor Auto Car TV Antenna for Digital

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

TV Antenna
Center Frequency:
Size (mm):
UHF Or Customized
Maximum input power:
Operating Temperature:
-40°C ~ +85°C
Storing temperature:
-40°C ~ +70°C


  • ◆ SUPPORT 4K FULL HD CHANNELS: Regardless of the TV you have, this smart TV antennas will work seamlessly with it to provide you high-quality HD channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox etc. This means you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new TV or upgrading your existing one in order to use the indoor TV antenna. Moreover, digital antenna for TV also eliminates the need for monthly cable bills. You can enjoy all the channels you love without paying for a cable subscription.
  • ◆ SLEEK DESIGN: The unique design of Antier digital antenna for TV is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek and compact size makes it an excellent addition to any home, and it can be placed near the TV. You can also place HD antenna close to the window for better reception which still will be a stylish addition to your household. This indoor TV antenna is an excellent alternative to clunky and unsightly outdoor TV antennas.
  • ◆ EASY SETUP: Setting up this TV antenna is a breeze. The simplicity and straightforwardness of hd antenna for TV indoor makes the process quick and easy. Simply plug it in, position it, and scan for channels. Please do not forget to rescan after changing the location of your digital antenna for TV. With this antenna for TV without cable, you’ll never have to worry about missing your favorite shows again. You can be up and running in just a few minutes.
  • ◆ LIFETIME WARRANTY: Antier team works hard to create the best quality TV antennas for you on the market. Hence, we’re confident in offering a worry free guarantee for satisfaction. Please consider that our lifetime warranty does not cover natural damages caused by the user.
  • ◆ 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you need any help with installing TV antennas, please contact our team directly, we have a professional team ready to help you.

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