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  5. 1200mm 868MHz Fiberglass Antenna

1200mm 868MHz Fiberglass Antenna

Customized Gain Waterproof 868MHz 8dBi Antena Omni GSM Fiberglass Antenna

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Frequency Range 890-960MHz
VSWR ≤1.5
Gain 8.0dBi
Polarization Type Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth 360℃
Vertical Beamwidth 60℃
Output Impendence 50Ω
Max Input Power 50 w
Lightning Protection DC to Ground


  • Frequency Range: 868Mhz; Gain: 8 dBi; Impedance: 50Ω; VSWR: <1.5(868Mhz); Maximum Power Input-watts: 100 W; Polarization: Vertical; Lighting Protection: Direct Ground
  • Connector: N-Female; Dimension: 60Cm(23.6in); Diameter of Hardware-supplied: Ø25mm
  • High-quality fiberglass antenna, strong and durable, anti-corrosion, waterproof, suitable for all-weather operation
  • Increase Helium Miner Signal: Enhances signal strength and coverage over stock antennas to get more witnesses for more HNT rewards
  • [Application] Works with Most of LoRa IoT Application: Compatible with all helium miner hotspot: Nebra HNT Indoor/Outdoor Hotspot Miner, HNT rewards, RAK V2 Hotspot Miner, BOBCAT Miner 300, SyncroBit Gateway, Sensecap M1, Sensecap MX, Kerlink helium miner lora gateway, Helium Miner crypto, Helium HNT Miner, lora camera, designed for LoRa Helium mining, Low power radio: Sigfox, LPWA, LoRa, mesh networks, IoT Application

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