different tv antenna types

Owning the Best Television Antenna

Wavelink as a leading television Antenna manufacturer, we provide our customers with the best of the best television Antennas. We has its own R&D team, which enables the company to always maintain a leading edge in technological innovation and product development. The team can make timely adjustments and optimizations based on market demand and user feedback to ensure the best performance and user experience of the product.

Different TV Antenna Types Available

Wavelink has several types of television antennas available, here are some of the most common types:

  • Indoor Antennas: We can provide the best television antenna indoor, these antennas are designed for use indoors, they are usually smaller and lower power than outdoor antennas. They can be placed on a table, on a bookshelf or attached to a window. Indoor antennas work best in areas with a strong television signal, making them ideal for urban areas near broadcast towers.
  • Outdoor Antennas: We can supply the best television antenna outdoor, these television antenna outdoor are designed to be installed outside, usually on roofs or poles. They are larger and more powerful than indoor antennas, which means they can pick up signals from farther away. Television antenna outdoor are great for rural areas or areas with weak TV signals.

TV Antenna Feature

Type variety

Television antenna indoor / outdoor according to different using environments, we can recommend different TV antenna and FM telescopic antenna etc.

Signal stability

Television antenna indoor / outdoor high gain, strong signal coverage, better signal with the pure copper materials,. The signal can be stable by foldable antenna design.

Firm and durablity

We choose the television antenna indoor / outdoor meet the international technology standard, which connect the antenna to equipment firmly and durably.

different tv antenna types OEM supported

Wavelink has its own research and development team, which can manufacture different tv antenna types according to customer needs

television antenna application

We provide the indoor antennas are suitable for strong signal urban areas, outdoor antennas are suitable for weak signal rural areas, directional antennas are suitable for areas with clear signal directions, multi-directional antennas are suitable for areas with multiple signal sources, amplified antennas are suitable for weak signal areas, and flat antennas are suitable In areas where installation is easy and takes up little space, the Yagi antenna is suitable for areas where direction is required in weak signal areas.

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