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As a professional RF cable manufacturers and wholesale , Our antenna RF cable is a basic cable used primarily for carrying audio-visual signals. The name comes from an abbreviation of “radio frequencies.” It is a type of coaxial cable, which involves a series of casings to protect the signal from interference. we can provide with you fakra to SMB cable, BNC to MCX cable, SMA female cable, BNC male to SMA cable etc.

RF Antenna Cable Description

We offer the RF antenna cable, also known as coaxial cable or coaxial cable, is a type of cable used to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals from one point to another. Antenna RF cables are versatile and consist of a center conductor made of copper or other conductor surrounded by a dielectric insulator and then wrapped in a braid or foil shield. They minimize signal loss and interference and are available in a variety of lengths and types to suit different applications.

RF Cable Feature

Type variety

According to different using environments, we can recommend external rubber rod antenna, magnetic antenna base, waterproof antenna, internal PCB antenna, FPC antenna, fakra to SMB cable, BNC to MCX cable, SMA female cable, BNC male to SMA cable etc.

Signal stability

High gain, strong signal coverage, better signal with the pure copper materials,. The signal can be stable by foldable antenna design.

Firm and durablity

We choose the RF connectors meet the international technology standard, which connect the antenna to equipment firmly and durably.

OEM supported

As a RF cable manufacturer, we can oem different types of RF antenna cable according to customer requirements

rf antenna cable application

RF antenna cables are used to connect radio equipment and antennas to transmit high-frequency signals, and are widely used in television, telephone, radio communication, aviation, navigation, radar and other fields.

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