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We are a leading GPS antenna manufacturers and suppliers. We specialize in the design, development and production of high-quality wholesale GPS WIFI antennas that provide reliable and accurate positioning data for a variety of applications. Our company employs a team of experienced engineers and designers, and we use only the highest quality materials and components to ensure our antennas meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Provide WIFI GPS antenna solutions to more customers.

Types of GPS Antenna

  • GPS patch antenna: This is a flat rectangular antenna that can be installed on the surface. It is usually used for navigation equipment and vehicles.
  • GPS WiFi antenna: This type of antenna aims to use it with GPS and WIFI signals for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.
  • External GPS antenna: This type of antenna is installed on the outside of the device or vehicle. It is usually on the roof. Compared with the internal antennas, it provides a better GPS signal receiving.
  • GPS FPC antenna: This is a flexible printing circuit (FPC) antenna that can be integrated into the equipment circuit board
  • Waterproof GPS antenna: It can withstand exposure in water and other harsh environments, for ocean and outdoor applications.

How Does A GPS Antenna Work?

A working constellation of 24 satellites occupies a medium Earth orbit, positioned so that at least four satellites are visible from any location on Earth. Within 24 hours, each satellite will orbit the Earth twice, traveling at more than 8,000 miles per hour (12,875 kilometers per hour).
While in orbit, the satellite constantly sends out signals that are picked up by the receiver’s external GPS antenna. This signal contains data about the position and time of the satellites, as measured by synchronous atomic clocks carried inside each satellite.

GPS Antenna Feature

Type variety

According to different using environments, we can recommend GPS wifi antenna, gps external antenna, waterproof antenna, magnetic wifi antenna etc.

Signal stability

High gain, strong signal coverage, better signal with the pure copper materials,. The signal can be stable by foldable antenna design.

Firm and durablity

We choose the RF connectors meet the international technology standard, which connect the WIFI GPS antenna to equipment firmly and durably.

OEM supported

We are a professional GPS antenna manufacturers in China, we can OEM GPS antenna external according to the product parameters provided by customers, which is beneficial to build a brand for the company.

WIFI GPS Antenna Application

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