fiberglass antenna

Fiberglass Antenna is the most popular kind of CB antennas, which is also called as Fiberglass Antenna, FRP Antenna. They are fiberglass poles wrapped with copper vibrator and coated with protective material. The antenna shell material is Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, and the antenna coil for fiberglass antennas is usually located at the top of the antenna.

Offer Customized Fiberglass Antenna

Wavelink is a leading china high quality fiberglass antenna manufacturers. The company has advanced production equipment and technology. It uses high quality raw materials and strict quality control procedures to ensure that each product meets customer requirements and needs. Whether it is quality, innovation In terms of customized services, and it is worthy of the trust and choice of customers.

Fiberglass Antenna Design

  • Structural design: Determine the shape, size and layout of the antenna. Make sure that the antenna has good radiation effect and performance in a specific frequency band.
  • Material selection: Choose the appropriate glass fiber material with good mechanical strength, insulation performance and weather resistance. Ensure stable electromagnetic performance.
  • Radiation element design: Select appropriate radiation elements, such as dipoles, microstrip patches, etc. Determine the location, shape and size of the radiating elements to achieve the desired radiation characteristics and frequency band coverage.
  • Simulation and Testing: Use electromagnetic simulation software to predict and optimize antenna performance. Through simulation analysis, performance indicators such as radiation efficiency, directivity and impedance matching of the antenna can be evaluated.
  • Fiberglass Antenna Feature

    Type variety

    According to different using environments, we can recommend 1200mm Fiberglass Antenna, 400-480MHz Fiberglass Antenna, 285mm 4G Fiberglass Antenna etc.

    Signal stability

    High gain, strong signal coverage, better signal with the pure copper materials,. The signal can be stable by foldable antenna design.

    Firm and durablity

    We choose the RF connectors meet the international technology standard, which connect the antenna to equipment firmly and durably.

    OEM supported

    As a high quality fiberglass antenna manufacturer in China. Whether it is quality, innovation, or custom service, it is worth choosing.

    fiberglass antenna application

    We provide fiberglass antenna in applications such as wireless communication, broadcasting, radar and navigation, and have excellent mechanical properties and frequency transmission characteristics.

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