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Combo Antenna

We offer combo antennas can receive many types of signals. Such as GPS GSM combo antenna, GPS Wifi combo antenna, etc., it combo two or more antennas into one unit, and the combo antenna can be installed indoors or outdoors. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small, compact models to larger, more powerful models.

GPS GSM Combo Antenna Design

The GPS GSM combo antenna that comb0 two different functions into a single device. His design is to receive signals from GPS satellites and GSM honeycomb tower. This type of antenna is usually used in the application of vehicle tracking system and other applications that require real -time location information.

Types of Comb0 Antennas

  • GPS GSM Combo Antenna: GPS and GSM functionality combined into one antenna unit.
  • 4G GPS Combo Antenna: Integrates 4G/LTE and GPS functions.
  • Car Radio Antenna: Also known as an AM/FM antenna, it is specifically designed to receive broadcast radio signals in the AM) and FM bands.
  • Waterproof Combo Antenna: Designed for waterproofing and harsh weather conditions. This type of antenna can integrate various wireless functions such as GPS, GSM or 4G/LTE.
  • Shark Fin Antenna: Similar to the shape of a shark’s dorsal fin. It is commonly used in automotive applications, especially on roofs.

Combo Antenna Feature

Type variety

Combo antenna according to different using environments, we can recommend external rubber rod antenna, magnetic base antenna, waterproof antenna, internal PCB antenna, FPC antenna, and Periodic Antenna etc.

Signal stability

Combo antenna high gain, strong signal coverage, better signal with the pure copper materials,. The signal can be stable by foldable antenna design.

Firm and durablity

We choose the combo antenna meet the international technology standard, which connect the antenna to equipment firmly and durably.

OEM supported

We can according to the needs of customers OEM Combo Antenna

combo antenna application

Comb0 antennas are widely used in 4G+GPS, GPS+GSM, GPS+Wifi, Shark Fin Antenna, etc,. It drives the development and innovation of wireless communications and electronics.

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