Can 5G Antennas and 4G Antennas Be Used in Common?

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5G antennas are widely used. 2G and 3G frequency bands are rarely practical, and now most of them are 4G and 5G. There are many customers who are not very sure that 5G antennas and 4G antennas are compatible.Let me tell you clearly that 4G and 5G antennas cannot be used universally. 5G antennas cannot be used on 4G devices, and 4G antennas cannot be used on 5G devices.

Difference and contrast

The 4G frequency band is relatively short, but it has a good ability to penetrate walls. Although the 5G frequency band is longer and the ability to penetrate walls is weak, the anti-interference ability is stronger than that of the 4G antenna. The data volume and speed of 5G transmission data far exceeds that of 4G antennas.

The 5G antenna has a longer frequency band, faster wireless transmission speed, and stronger anti-interference ability. Although its transmission speed is fast, its transmission distance is limited and its penetrating power is weak. These two antennas have their own advantages and disadvantages, we just choose the one that suits us!

With the wide channel width of the 5G frequency band, 5G can maintain a good signal under the same conditions. Antennas of the same frequency cannot be used together. Two antennas of the same frequency must be separated by a certain distance to prevent interference of the same frequency.

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