What Are the Types of Wi-Fi Antennas?

Wi-Fi is a wireless network or technology that lets tablets, computers, smartphones, and other devices connect to the internet. A Wi-Fi antenna is a crucial device when looking to enhance the Wi-Fi signal strength and range. It’s of great use whenever a network or signal gets absorbed by nearby obstacles such as walls and metallic […]

Christmas Wishes from Wavelink

Christmas is always a season of goodwill, a season of showing love and care, and the Christmas celebration only happens once a year. So, celebrating Christmas with both our employees and customers is a practice that brings us the utmost joy. We are always glad to rejoice with them because they are the ones who […]

How Does a Wi-Fi Antenna Work?

Wi-fi antennas are designed to help people extend and boost the signal of an existing wireless internet source that’s either too far away or overcrowded to get a strong, usable internet signal. These antennas work by taking an existing wifi signal (coming from a campground, coffee shop, or other public signal source point), and repeating […]

Can 5G Antennas and 4G Antennas Be Used in Common?

5G antennas are widely used. 2G and 3G frequency bands are rarely practical, and now most of them are 4G and 5G. There are many customers who are not very sure that 5G antennas and 4G antennas are compatible.Let me tell you clearly that 4G and 5G antennas cannot be used universally. 5G antennas cannot […]

A Brief Introduction To 5G antenna

5G has little to do with the classic mobile communications as we know it. Unlike previous technologies like 4G, there is not a uniform 5G network. It is more than an evolution of previous technology; it is a whole set of new networks for different applications. 5G NR works differently than 4G As the demand for […]