Commonly used antennas

Antennas are an indispensable part of wireless transmission. In addition to our use of optical fibers, cables, network cables, etc. to transmit wired signals, as long as it is a signal that uses electromagnetic waves to propagate in the air, various forms of antennas are needed. Today we come to understand the antenna according to […]

Smart water meters

Wavelink new product listing -4G PCB Antenna for smart water meters There are more and more applications of smart water meters, and remote automatic meter reading systems for tap water based on 4G wireless networks. The system integrates computer technology, mobile data communication technology, data network technology, and automatic control technology. It can automatically complete […]

Wireless Smart Gateway

glass fiber reinforced plastic antenna for Wireless Smart Gateway The glass fiber reinforced plastic antenna is used in the wireless smart gateway, dual antenna design, 4G frequency band, stable performance and long transmission distance. The antenna has a total length of 223mm, 5dBi high gain, FRP for outdoor use, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. It […]

Advantages of sucker antennas

The use of sucker antennas is very extensive. For example, vending machines, car radios, express cabinets, charging piles, etc., will use suction cup antennas. It can be seen that sucker antenna are deeply embedded in all aspects of people’s daily life. Why are there more and more sucker antenna antennas, and what are the advantages […]

Wavelink in Olympic Games

Wavelink 3in1 antenna helps 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is already in the countdown, and all departments of the organizing committee are doing the final logistics support. Beijing is about to write history and become the first city to host both the summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic […]

Wavelink in IME2020

Wavelink in the Second Western Microwave Conference ended perfectly From August 25th to 26th, the 2nd Western China Microwave Conference of IME2020 kicked off in Chengdu Longemont Hotel Conference Center. ANSYS, AVX, Premix, Rogers, Yaoden, China Electronics Technology 29, 36, Hengda, Extreme Instrument, Hongke, Rebes, Siwei, Jiake, Aerospace Chengyuan, China Science and Technology, Huaxiang, 70+ […]