Advantages of sucker antennas

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The use of sucker antennas is very extensive. For example, vending machines, car radios, express cabinets, charging piles, etc., will use suction cup antennas. It can be seen that sucker antenna are deeply embedded in all aspects of people’s daily life. Why are there more and more sucker antenna antennas, and what are the advantages of sucker antenna? What should I pay attention to when using them? Wavelink antennas will tell you what are the advantages of sucker antenna today?

Advantages of sucker antenna

The sucker antenna can be used in a wide range, which indirectly shows that the sucker antenna has many advantages. What are the specific advantages? On the home page, we need to install and use the sucker antenna correctly. Compared with other antenna products, the sucker antenna has better standing wave ratio and efficiency. It is also relatively high, the gain is also higher, and the transmission distance can be farther, so the signal of the sucker antenna is better and more stable.

Ensure the height and radiation direction when using

There are some things to pay attention to when using the sucker antenna. Only when thesucker antennas is installed correctly can it play a better role. If the sucker antennas is installed on the device, be sure to pay attention to the height and radiation direction of the position where the sucker antenna is located. It can only play its role if it is installed in a better position and reduces the influence of external factors on its signal.

Avoid electromagnetic interference

Products such as antenna generally need to pay attention to avoid electromagnetic interference, and sucker antenna no exception. Therefore, when using sucker antennas, they should be installed in a place with a wide field of view, avoiding electromagnetic interference as much as possible, and avoiding complex environments. Improve communication efficiency and quality and reduce interference.

The sucker antenna needs to be used correctly. If it is used incorrectly, it will affect the efficiency and function of the sucker antenna on the one hand.



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