Commonly used antennas

Antennas are an indispensable part of wireless transmission. In addition to our use of optical fibers, cables, network cables, etc. to transmit wired signals, as

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Smart water meters

Wavelink new product listing -4G PCB Antenna for smart water meters There are more and more applications of smart water meters, and remote automatic meter

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Wireless Smart Gateway

glass fiber reinforced plastic antenna for Wireless Smart Gateway The glass fiber reinforced plastic antenna is used in the wireless smart gateway, dual antenna design,

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Wavelink in Olympic Games

Wavelink 3in1 antenna helps 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is already in the countdown, and all departments of the

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Wavelink in IME2020

Wavelink in the Second Western Microwave Conference ended perfectly From August 25th to 26th, the 2nd Western China Microwave Conference of IME2020 kicked off in

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