A water meter is a type of measurement instrument with a calculator to continuously determine the volume of water passing through the device, and generally these fall into three categories: simple mechanical water meters, mechanical water meters with an electronic communication device, and fully electronic water meters. 

With nearly 20 years of development, the measurement accuracy and flow features of mechanical water meters are constantly improving. There are various types of mechanical meters, such as the single jet type, multi jet type, Woltmann type, volumetric type, etc., all of which have become widely used in the water meter market and will continue to meet market demand for the foreseeable future.

The advantages of the mechanical meter lie in its simple structure and reliable operation while the obvious disadvantages are the narrow measurement range and reduced accuracy at low flow rates. Moreover, being mechanical the errors change over a long period of operation. This type of meter is only suitable for use when the pipe is sealed and full of water, and it also demands a higher standard of water quality, but it does not measure well or even cannot measure multi-types of flows. The meter also has simple functions and can only calculate and display the cumulative flow. Thus, it needs manual data collection and payment settlement, and is unable to meet the modern information needs.

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Wavelink has invested in automatic production equipment such as, several  network analyzers, automatic wire stripping machines, laser machines, terminal machines, riveting machines, ultrasonic wave machines, automatic soldering machines and winding machines, etc. The production processes are controlled strictly, the production personnel are skilled, and each process is kept improving

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