1. Internet of vehicles is a wireless network used for information exchange between vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians using the traditional Internet protocols and networks. Learn more in: Autonomous Vehicles

2. Decentralized networking of all kinds of vehicles and infrastructure. Learn more in: Internet of Everything: A Unifying Framework Beyond Internet of Things

3. This is a highly useful application of the IoT paradigm, where the moving network of IoT enabled vehicles (cars, buses, etc.) share information collected via the smart devices and sensors within and outside of the vehicles to help in decision making. Learn more in: Connected Vehicles: A Vital Component of Smart Transportation in an Intelligent City

Our advantages

Free samples

Wavelink can provide customers with free samples of various styles. We can provide free antenna samples (customized products except) if a small quantity of samples needed and the freight can be charged

Research and Development centre

Wavelink has its own equipment, including spectrum analyzer, comprehensive tester, signal generator, oscilloscope, salt spray tester, vector network analyzer and Microwave anechoic chamber, etc. Each antenna has been tested carefully, Antenna debugging and customizing are also supported

Modern production equipment

Wavelink has invested in automatic production equipment such as, several  network analyzers, automatic wire stripping machines, laser machines, terminal machines, riveting machines, ultrasonic wave machines, automatic soldering machines and winding machines, etc. The production processes are controlled strictly, the production personnel are skilled, and each process is kept improving

High quality products shipped

Each of our products shipped has been highly praised by a large number of customers with high quality by advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality and high standard production requirements

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