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1, antenna gain
Gain is one of the most important parameters of the antenna system, the definition of antenna gain and omni-directional antenna or half-wave dipole antenna related. Omnidirectional radiation is assumed that in all directions and radiation power of the radiator, the antenna gain in a given direction is the field strength in that direction.

2, the antenna input interface
In order to improve the reliability of passive intermodulation and RF connector, enter the base station antenna interface using 7 / 16DIN-Female, before the antenna is used, the port should cover, so as not to form oxides or entering impurities.

3, antenna size and weight
In order to facilitate antenna storage, transportation, installation and safety, to meet the electrical indicators, the antenna dimensions should be as small as lightweight as possible.

4, wind loads
The base station antennas are usually mounted on tall buildings and towers, especially in coastal areas, the annual wind speed and requires the antenna work at 36m / s when, without destroying the 55m / s when.

5, the working temperature and humidity
The base station antenna should be at ambient temperature -40 ℃ - + work within a range of 65 ℃. The base station antenna relative humidity should be within the range of 0-100% of normal working environment.


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