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Who kswavelink(Antenna, RF Connector, RF Cable, Network Cable )

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Kunshan Wavelink Electronics Co.,Ltd. located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu province, was established in May 12, 2009. The company is specializing in the production of 2.4G antenna, 3G antenna, AP antenna, NB antenna, WIFI antenna, Vehicle DVB-T, ISDB, ATSC CMMB antenna, digital TV antenna, 3G antenna, 4G antenna, spring antenna, high gain antenna, mobile phone antenna, router antenna, GSM/CDMA/GPRS antenna, GPS antenna, navigation GPS communication antenna, RF connector, RF cable assemblies, etc, with good production environment, professional production and testing equipment and advanced production technology, perfect testing standards and quality management system.

The company also has a senior team in management and engineering, and business development staff. With strong R & D capabilities, our products currently face both domestic and foreign markets, mainly serving the industries of automotive, computer, wireless router, satellite positioning navigation, ship, satellite communication etc..

If any request or question please feel free to contact us, Email: Robertxu@kswavelink.com, Tel: +86-512-57449488.

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