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As a medium to radiate and receive radio waves, antenna plays an important role in the Internet of things. As a professional antenna supplier,wavelink has its own production line, darkroom and other detection equipment. If you need 4G / 5G antenna, wifi antenna, GSM / 3G antenna, GPS antenna, etc.,

Christmas Origin

Today introduce as all know Christmas, Christmas is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus on December 25, known as Christmas. Westerners with red, green and white color for the Christmas colors

2.4G Omni Directional WIFI Antenna

Kunshan Wavelink Electronic Co,.Ltd has introduced a new 2.4G omni-directional WIFI antenna 2dbi 3dbi 5dbi 7dbi SMA ipex

Flat Digital HDTV TV Antenna Instruction

Flat Digital HDTV TV Antenna, WIFI Antenna, GSM GPRS Antenna, GPS Antenna, 4G LTE Antenna, RF connector, RF cable assembly, Network cable

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You are a very strong team, and has a high-quality customer service, your customer service staff is very dedicated, regular contact with me, and provide me with a project plan needed new report, very authoritative, accurate, and their associated data to meet my demand.

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